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The need for qualified workers led the ŠKODA group to found its own vocational school. The first year had 58 trainees divided into three qualifications.


The vocational school was attended by 582 students and offered the following specialisations: locksmith, lathe operator, saddler, tinsmith, electrician, wheelwright and varnisher.


Selected employees of the car factory assisted with teaching and shared their practical experience with trainees directly in production.



A study at the new vocational school expected an increase in the number of students. One of ŠKODA’s oldest buildings, today known as V10, was selected to accommodate the new students.


New specialisations for girls were added to the school: miller, metal worker, cook and sales clerk. The car factory was continuously growing, produced the highly popular 100 and 110 car models and operated its own canteen.


The school dormitories were refurbished and expanded. At that time, they were located in today’s ŠKODA Administrative Centre and offered comfortable rooms for 350 students.


After the company joined the VW Group, over 100 million CZK was invested into the vocational school. The car industry was therefore able to secure qualified employees for the development and production of new models.



The current school underwent reorganisation, and the Engineering Vocational School was created to offer high school specialisations with a state graduation exam and a General Vocational School that offers education for blue-collar jobs.


ŠKODA Academy is born. It guarantees education for pupils and adults and thus the company achieved synergy in the education of pupils and improving qualification of employees.


ŠKODA celebrates 90 years of vocational training. Based on the Memorandum with KOVO Trade Unions, more than 260 million CZK has been invested into new equipment for ŠKODA Academy over the past few years.