The year 2017 belonged, above all, to the new ŠKODA KAROQ, a stylish and practical partner in the streets and off the road which is developing ŠKODA’s SUV offensive. For its gala premiere it drove on its own wheels the 1,650 kilometre-long journey across Europe from Mladá Boleslav to Stockholm, where it revealed all its secrets. Let’s recollect KAROQ’s world premiere.

Soon thereafter, KAROQ underwent a demanding stress test and was sent to the toughest cycling race – the Tour de France 2017 to provide the cyclists with important support during the initial time test. Just before this world debut, KAROQ took a practical test. What do you think? How many cycling bottles can fit in the car? You’ll find the answer and a visual demonstration in the following video:

The next trip was into the future with the completely electric concept VISION E. This is no mere mirage, not some trumped-up vision with no basis in reality, but a real prototype of ŠKODA vehicles that will be out on the streets in just a couple years. What a ride that will be! Take a journey from the first idea of the concept to the inspiration of crystal design and the art of Czech glassmakers:


There was also a story from the past with pure driving experience, with a teaser from the first-hand classic rally experience, which is not about speed, but about hundredths and mainly the joy from driving these historic jewels.


The ŠKODA KODIAQ SUV went off-road to prove that even a shiny family car can handle the toughest challenges it may encounter off the beaten track. Remember the 7 commandments for off-road driving and a couple useful pieces of advice that can help you explore the off-road world.

And topping it all off, we have presented the functions of state-of-the-art ŠKODA assistance systems and visually demonstrated how they make driving simpler.


All advantages of ŠKODA Connect solutions for state-of-the-art connectivity were also presented in detail (take a look here to see if you remember them all). Add to this some practical tips for saving fuel, where even experienced eco-drivers can find new tricks. And finally, you can obtain guidance on how to stretch your body on long trips and relax your spirit with yoga behind the wheel.