An office on wheels designed for exploring

An office on wheels designed for exploring

“Every adventure is great,” says Italian explorer and photographer Bruno Pisani. For his latest expedition into the mountains he had a unique partner: a Škoda Roadiaq, an electric mobile home and office in one.

13. 10. 2023 Lifestyle

The line between work and adventure can be very thin in some professions. This is true for Bruno Pisani, an explorer, photographer and vlogger from Italy who captures the beauty of the world through his lens. Bruno is well aware of the importance of having the right tools for the job. And it is precisely for this combination of an active professional life and exploring the world that the Škoda Roadiaq, a mobile home and office, is the ideal companion. See for yourself how Bruno and the Roadiaq got on.

The Škoda Roadiaq is the creation of the students of the Škoda Academy. Based on the Enyaq, the Roadiaq is a perfect blend of fun, travel, relaxation and work. It’s a mobile office, always connected to the internet, with a 27-inch screen, wireless keyboard and mouse, but also a comfortable lounge and home on wheels, with a fully equipped kitchen and even a shower. In fact, as Bruno Pisani found out firsthand, it’s a kind of “base camp on wheels”.

“This car is a great tool to rely on. It can work as a base camp, an editing room and a tiny home on wheels. It feels like I’m bringing my home with me,” says Bruno Pisani of his experience with the Škoda Rodiaq.

Bruno Pisani (1997)

Bruno is an explorer, photographer and vlogger who hails from northeastern Italy but spends a lot of time on the road. He started taking photos in the mountains when he was a child near the Italian Dolomites, and it is this area that he is still most passionate about today. Alongside this, he has also expanded his portfolio to include travels around the world – for example to Iceland and the Faroe Islands and Lofoten Islands. For Bruno, photography is a mixture of many activities, such as exploring, adventure or camping. He is constantly looking for new, untouched places to explore and capture in his photos.

The car’s electrics was adapted for the convenient use of various electrical appliances, with new light sources and sockets. Plus the car can be connected to a conventional caravan plug when staying at the campsite. The interior, including the upholstery, is partly made from recycled and recyclable materials, the cushion covers and blanket were made using a special 3D knitting technology, a zero-waste method that reuses recycled material.

“The thing I like most about the Roadiaq is that it’s electric. It’s extremely quiet. It also has so many features in such a compact size that makes it the perfect car to explore. You have no limitations about the places you can reach. And at the same time you have everything you need,” says Pisani.

And as soon as Bruno switches from work mode to relaxation mode, the bed and its views of the countryside are the perfect setting for unwinding. The car also features a folding table and chairs for outdoor seating or outdoor cooking. In the Škoda Roadiaq Bruno found a real home from home, a place where he can relax, reflect and continue his work. “Spending the night on the top of Monte Pelmo was the first time I slept so high,” says Bruno Pisani.

Monte Pelmo

An imposing mountain in the Italian Dolomites with an altitude of 3,168 metres, located in the province of Belluno and part of the Eastern Alps. The top of the mountain offers spectacular views of the entire Dolomites. The first ascent of Monte Pelmo was made on 19 September 1857 by the Irish alpinist and politician John Ball. Today, the most common route to the summit is the so-called Normal Route, which leads from the southeast side of the Venezia or Alba Maria del Luca chalets. One particularly exposed point is known as Ball’s Ledge, where climbers have to cross a section about six metres long on their knees on a very narrow ledge above a long drop.

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