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Try to imagine: 20 million cars produced, 20 million stories. One of the oldest automotive manufacturers in Europe is building upon a tradition rooted in 1895, when Laurin & Klement was established. There are many important models among the 20 million cars, including some trendsetters in the automotive industry that became four-wheel legends.

ŠKODA Storyboard is presenting an overview in their historical contexts of the most outstanding models from the 123-year history of ŠKODA automobiles.

Like the saying goes (well, sort of anyway): the first 20 million is the hardest and then it gets easier! Today, ŠKODA is achieving great success on world markets and more and more customers are choosing its vehicles.


The first L&K automobile was branded the Voiturette A (from French for a cart or small car). It was powered by a water-cooled, two-piston engine with 7 horsepower and a displacement of 1,100 cm3. The engine’s power was transferred to the rear wheels by a chain or drive shaft, depending on the version.

This also was going on

in 1905...

Albert Einstein published his theory of special relativity and launched the revolutionary quantum view of physics

Mary Anderson submitted her patent application for windshield wipers



The Laurin & Klement 110, which also was offered as the ŠKODA 110, bore various wooden or combined wood–metal superstructures. It reached speeds up to 80 km/h. In total, just under 3,000 were manufactured.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald published The Great Gatsby, a novel about the American dream in the Jazz Age

The first motel – a hotel for motorists – was built in California, reflecting the growing motorway network

This also was going on

in 1925...



The year 1934 marked the premiere of ŠKODA POPULAR, a vehicle for a wide range of customers. It was a bestseller. With it, ŠKODA for the first time surpassed 5,000 vehicles manufactured in one model line.


This also was going on

in 1934...

The first sighting of the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) was reported

Percy Shaw invented the reflective pavement markers known as “cat’s eyes”




ŠKODA 1101 and 1102, better known as the TUDOR (from English “two-door”). Its origin was in the creation of new bodywork for the POPULAR.

The bikini – a ladies’ two-piece swimsuit – was conceived, and days on the beach never were the same again

John Haugland, a legend of ŠKODA Motorsport, was born

This also was going on

in 1946...



ŠKODA 440 “SPARTAK” was introduced to the market in 1955. The number 440 stands for a four-cylinder engine with 40 horsepower. In 1959, the numeric branding of ŠKODA models was replaced by names. The ŠKODA 440 became OCTAVIA (from Latin octo = eight, because it was the eighth model in ŠKODA’s post-war history).


This also was going on

in 1955...

Microwaves began to be sold, making cooking easier

The first Disneyland was opened in California with a parking lot for 12,175 cars covering 100 acres, larger than the park itself



The smart-looking ŠKODA FELICIA was a convertible based on the OCTAVIA. Its predecessor was the ŠKODA 450.

The newly invented cardiostimulator began saving lives

A three-point safety belt was used for the first time as a car’s standard equipment

This also was going on

in 1959...



ŠKODA 1000 MB was the first ŠKODA introduced with a rear engine. In its era, this vehicle was considered one of the best in its class with displacement up to 1 litre. It also provided excellent value for its price. The 1-litre engine was the state of the art in its class, with an engine block produced in a patented pressure-cast aluminium casting process.


This also was going on

in 1964...

The invention of bubble wrap helped the whole world rest easier

The automotive world relished freedom and power as pony cars and muscle cars were introduced to the market




The elegant ŠKODA 110 R Coupé rolled off the production line for 10 years, all the way to 1980. Racing specials were also built on its base, such as the successful ŠKODA 130 RS rally car.

The unexpected break-up of the Beatles sent tremors throughout the musical world and beyond

The Soviet Lunokhod 1 became the first vehicle on the Moon

This also was going on

in 1970...


ŠKODA 105/120/130

The model ŠKODA 105/120/130 was being produced in ŠKODA factories through the whole of the 1980s. The numeric marking corresponded to engine displacements from 1.0 to 1.3 litres. Coupe versions were also produce, known as GARDE and RAPID.


This also was going on

in 1976...

Rocky – the story of an outsider who gets a shot at proving himself (even to himself) – ruled the silver screen

The first appearance of the modern three-way catalytic convertor and lambda probe helped clean up exhaust gases




A new model, ŠKODA FAVORIT, was presented. This car is a milestone in ŠKODA’s history. The modern concept of combining a compact front-engine, front-drive vehicle with a variable interior and large fifth door was successfully developed. A total of 1 million such cars drove off the line.

Michael Jackson released his second-most successful album Bad, winning two Grammy Awards and selling more than 35 million copies

The first electronic traction control system came into use in production cars

This also was going on

in 1987...



ŠKODA OCTAVIA marked ŠKODA’s introduction of a second model line. OCTAVIA provided a decisive impulse for vigorous transformation of the company into a recognized international player. This car was followed in 1998 by OCTAVIA COMBI.


This also was going on

in 1996...

The American Mars Pathfinder probe was launched, carrying the first research vehicle to Mars

The introduction of instant messaging marked a shift to modern online communication




The third model to come to market was the new ŠKODA FABIA, followed by ŠKODA FABIA COMBI a year later. To this day, it has found more than 4 million owners.

The Matrix was a breakthrough film pressing out cinematographic boundaries

Radar cruise control was for the first time introduced into serial production

This also was going on

in 1999...



With ŠKODA SUPERB, ŠKODA revitalized the tradition of this model line from the 1930s and entered the upper middle class. An estate version was added to the model line in its second generation.


This also was going on

in 2001...

We truly got to know everything (although sometimes not entirely correctly) with the launch of Wikipedia

Armin Schwarz pushed the OCTAVIA WRC to a third-place finish in the Safari Rally and thus achieved the best position within the ŠKODA WRC program



This newest model continues the ŠKODA brand’s SUV offensive. It offers abundant space to the occupants, a number of electronic assistants, and an individually adjustable digital instrument panel.


Pontus Tidemand and his co-driver Jonas Andersson with ŠKODA FABIA R5 won the championship title in the FIA WRC 2 category as well as the title for ŠKODA Motorsport in team competition*.

*All results are subject to the official publication of tone results by the FIA

This also was going on

in 2017...