Great ride, smart crystalline design and variable interior is not all KAROQ has to offer. It also perfectly “talks” to your smartphone and the connection has never been easier. It’ll take just a second to transform your SUV into a concert hall filled with sounds from your favorite playlists.

With the ŠKODA Connect package containing both the LTE module and navigation system with the WiFi-hotspot you are always online. On the glass infotainment display, you can easily find out where to go for a trip, how to avoid rain or how to plan a route cost-wise. Let’s take a closer look at all the options.

infotainment online

This suite of useful features provides all traditional infotainment options – plus connection to the Internet. On a large multimedia display you can, for example, read news from your favorite channels. When traveling to unfamiliar destinations you will appreciate the option to search for vacant parking places in the area or compare fuel prices. All of this information is also transferred directly to the navigation.

You can just as well get an overview of the weather not only in your vicinity but also in your destination or around your chosen location on the route. Including a meteoradar with a precise precipitation map. With remote access, you can plan your whole trip all the way from home or during a stop in the restaurant.

You can conveniently set your favorite news and much more through the ŠKODA Connect portal.


Remote Access to the Car

With your ŠKODA Connect mobile application on your smartphone or tablet, you get remote control over your car wherever you are. All features of the Care Connect suit can also be controlled online on your computer. Check where your car is parked, whether it’s locked and all windows are fully closed. If not, you can easily fix it with one click. Cannot find your car in the parking lot? Let it honk or flash the lights.

You can also remotely check how much fuel you have left in the tank or what the oil life is. The separate heating circuit can be activated from a distance as well. The ŠKODA Connect application will show you detailed analyses of the latest rides and you can compare them in clear graphs.

ŠKODA Connect application is free for devices running both the iOS and Android systems.



Connecting the smartphone to the onboard infotainment has never been easier. System SmartLink+ and two USB slots on the front allow easy connection to both your and your co-driver’s smartphones. You can then take the full advantage of all the features supported by Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink. And for more convenience, you can charge your phones wirelessly.

Use your favorite smartphone applications on the go: navigate, listen to your favorite music through onboard speakers and, of course, make phone calls. Music offering is further enhanced by the Spotify streaming service or by audio books. We also recommend trying out the freely available ŠKODA OneApp application. It allows a smartphone paired with the infotainment system to process and evaluate extensive data on the vehicle’s operation.

For the SmartLink+ system, we recommend using the ŠKODA original accessories connecting cables. This ensures that you can make full use of all pairing features.


Bluetooth Connectivity

As a matter of fact, ŠKODA KAROQ also offers an easy phone connection via the latest generation of Bluetooth interface. This way, pairing the phone is very intuitive and takes no longer than 30 seconds. KAROQ receives a mobile signal through a built-in roof antenna. You can be assured that your call will be transferred in the best possible quality.


Don’t worry about leaving Bluetooth enabled. The energy of your phone is only consumed when it is connected to another device. And in that case, your KAROQ will surely be recharging it already.

Proactive service

With the ŠKODA KAROQ, you are never alone on the road, and a wide range of assistance services is always within reach by pressing a single button. A set of service buttons can be found on the easily accessible roof panel at the rearview mirror.

Use the button with “i” symbol to talk to ŠKODA assistance at any time. Just hold it for a while. You do not have to worry about complicated explanations. KAROQ will automatically send all your data to the customer support center

and you will be able to get all the information you need from the dispatcher. Such as whether you should visit a service or how to get to the nearest gas station.

In the event of a technical fault, simply hold down the button with the service wrench symbol. The car will not only connect you to the dispatcher, but it will automatically send your current location and status, and help will be on the way even before your call ends.

If you check ŠKODA Connect services when configuring your ŠKODA KAROQ, you can use all functions for three years without any extra charges.


Emergency calls

The emergency call function is an indispensable helper, especially in the case of a heavy accident, when every second counts. ŠKODA KAROQ can call for help even in cases when the crew is not able to. The emergency call line is automatically dialed when an airbag or seatbelt pretensioner is triggered. In addition, the car will automatically send exact information about the accident, including the current location, severity, number of passengers, or vehicle identification number (VIN).

If the crash is not as severe, KAROQ will show the option to dial the emergency line or the assistance service on the infotainment display. You can also dial the emergency line manually at any time by pressing the red button on the roof panel near the rearview mirror. This feature can be used, for example, to report an accident you are not directly involved in. This ensures that help will come to you and your neighbors as soon as possible.

SOS button functions are always active even without user registration and service activation. You can check the availability of its country-specific features on the Emergency Call pages.


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