Connectivity: two digital displays and new features

› Largest ŠKODA touchscreen with a 13 inches and 5.3-inch Digital Cockpit
› New ME3 vehicle software brings optimised features and a fresh look
› The ENYAQ COUPÉ iV is always online and can receive updates ‘over the air’

Mladá Boleslav, 7 March 2022 – The infotainment system in the new ENYAQ COUPÉ iV features a 5.3-inch Digital Cockpit, the largest central display in the current ŠKODA portfolio – measuring 13 inches – and the latest ME3 software version. The software ensures the infotainment screens and the optional head-up display are always up-to-date, while also providing optimised vehicle climate control and improved battery management. The ENYAQ COUPÉ iV has a permanent internet connection, so the ŠKODA Connect online services can be used at all times. Many of these services are designed for an electric vehicle, allowing battery charging or the interior’s air conditioning to be controlled remotely via the MyŠKODA app.

The ENYAQ COUPÉ iV features a free-standing central display as standard. With a 13-inch screen, it is the largest display in the Czech carmaker’s current model range. The layouts can be personalised and the screen can be operated using a touch slider, multi-touch gestures, gesture control or the Laura digital voice assistant which, backed by online data, understands 15 languages. The Digital Cockpit measures 5.3 inches. It clearly displays information regarding speed, driving data, navigation and assistance systems in four different layouts. These, as well as numerous vehicle functions and assistance systems, can be controlled via the multifunction steering wheel.

New information on the head-up display and the central screen, as well as updated software features

A head-up display is available as an option, projecting information in clear view for the driver. With the introduction of the latest ME3 software, the current battery charge level and the distance to the destination are also displayed. The central infotainment screen shows new, coloured icons for the web apps in the main menu, making them even easier to recognise. In the Media sub-menu, a separate icon has been added for playing music, and the dialogue box for entering addresses in the navigation has an all-black background for increased readability. In addition, the display of the rear‑view camera is now brighter and has a higher contrast. Besides enhanced user-friendliness, the latest ME3 software enables improved management and optimised temperature control of the battery. This increases its efficiency, reduces charging times and improves the range. An adapted and more energy-saving air conditioning system for the interior also contributes to this. Other innovations include a battery care mode that the driver can activate at the touch of a button located on the central display. This programme regulates that the battery is only charged to a maximum of 80% during the next charging cycle.

ŠKODA Connect features with a focus on an all-electric vehicle

Thanks to a built-in eSIM, the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV always has access to the internet, enabling the use of numerous online-backed functions. Traffic information is based on real-time data, as is the route planner of the optional navigation function. Likewise, available parking spaces nearby can be displayed. Furthermore, the internet connection provides an increased range of voice control functions. Some options in the comprehensive range of mobile online services available on ŠKODA Connect have been specifically designed for the operation of an electric vehicle. This means that the battery can be charged remotely via the MyŠKODA app or the air conditioning can be switched on ahead of a journey. It is also possible to set corresponding schedules. The navigation system can identify charging points nearby or on a planned route. A new feature in the MyŠKODA app is a reminder to turn on the vehicle’s heating or run a charging cycle if the outside temperature at the car’s location is too low for efficient battery use.

Phone Box and CANTON Sound System optional, and additional downloadable features

As standard, the infotainment system offers a DAB digital radio receiver as well as internet and hybrid radio. A smartphone can be integrated via Wireless SmartLink technology using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Optional extras include the Phone Box for inductive smartphone charging (standard for the ENYAQ COUPÉ SPORTLINE iV and ENYAQ COUPÉ RS iV) and a CANTON sound system with 12 speakers and a digital equaliser. The options can be expanded even after purchase, as the vehicle’s permanent internet connection enables not only navigation maps and system software to be updated remotely, but also the download of additional features. If desired, from the second half of 2022, the navigation function, additional colours for the ambient lighting, Adaptive Cruise Control or Light Assist, for example, can be activated via the infotainment system in the vehicle or the ŠKODA Connect web portal – these features may also be activated for a limited period of time only.


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