Market position of ŠKODA 4×4 models

Market position of ŠKODA 4×4 models

› ŠKODA offers four all-wheel-drive models, totalling 13 variants
› More than 700,000 ŠKODA vehicles with all-wheel drive sold since 1999
› ŠKODA KODIAQ: the most popular all-wheel-drive model in ŠKODA’s 4×4 portfolio

At ŠKODA, all-wheel drive is available in four model ranges. ŠKODA therefore covers the most important market segments and offers a wide range of 4×4 versions. They make up the biggest proportion in the ŠKODA KODIAQ SUV range – 60% have all-wheel drive. A total of 13 ŠKODA model variants are currently available with all-wheel drive.

The ŠKODA brand is no newcomer to the all-wheel-drive segment

The ŠKODA brand is no newcomer to the all-wheel-drive segment. Expertise and experience from almost two decades of all-wheel drive are evident in the current model portfolio. The success story of ŠKODA’s modern-day 4×4 vehicles began in 1999 with the ŠKODA OCTAVIA COMBI 4×4. Three years later, the ŠKODA OCTAVIA was also upgraded with this technology providing superior traction, dynamism and driving safety. Subsequently, the second generations of the OCTAVIA and the ŠKODA SUPERB 4×4 were launched in 2008. The all-wheel-drive portfolio was further expanded with the ŠKODA SUPERB COMBI 4×4 and ŠKODA YETI 4×4 models in 2009. ŠKODA currently offers all-wheel drive in four of its seven model ranges.


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ŠKODA’s 4×4 portfolio

The customer can choose from a total of 13 model variants with all-wheel drive:

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Thanks to this exceptionally broad portfolio, the ŠKODA brand covers three main segments with its 4×4 drive – compact car, compact SUV and mid-size car. There is also another success factor for ŠKODA’s 4×4 range in different markets: all-wheel drive can be combined with petrol or diesel engines, manual or direct-shift transmission, and last but not least with a variety of equipment.

The growing popularity

ŠKODA is currently offering the most extensive all-wheel-drive portfolio in its history. The expansion of the portfolio goes hand in hand with the growing popularity of these versions among customers. Whilst the car manufacturer produced 68,000 all-wheel-drive vehicles in 2015, this was a whopping 79,000 one year later. And in 2017 – for the first time in its history – ŠKODA AUTO exceeded the 127,000 mark for the production of all-wheel-drive vehicles. This represents a year-on-year increase of 50%.

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Since 1999, over 700,000 customers worldwide have opted for one of ŠKODA’s 4×4 models. At present, the ŠKODA KODIAQ is by far the most popular ŠKODA 4×4 vehicle: 60%, it means almost 60,000 cars produced in the year 2017 roll off the production line with all-wheel drive.


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ŠKODA’s success in the 4×4 segment stems from its long-term model strategy. This not only focuses on SUV models, but also satisfies those customers who want the additional driving safety of all-wheel drive in the ‘classic’ OCTAVIA and SUPERB model ranges, including their estate versions.


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