How does the Shift Foreman in the Press Shop Maintenance Department view Christmas? Read a short conversation with Karel Pražák 

06. 12.

My best-ever present? My two clever daughters!

Karel Pražák

What was your best ever Christmas present that you still remember?

My best-ever present? My two clever daughters!

What would you like for Christmas?

Our weekend-house lawnmower seems to be on its last legs, so my Christmas wish is a garden tractor.


Karel Pražák

has been working at ŠKODA AUTO for nearly 25 years; works as a Shift Foreman in the Press Shop Maintenance Department; is responsible for managing the equipment and machinery maintenance staff, i.e. for ensuring smooth operation of press lines in the M15, M12A, E and M4 press shops (halls).



What is the best present you will give this year – and to whom?

My wife recently made a business trip to Kvasiny - while she was away, I completely reconstructed our bedroom, a very pleasant surprise for her.