How does the electric engine driver on ŠKODA AUTO's railway siding view Christmas? Read a short conversation with Ladislav Protivný

08. 12.

I have to get presents for all members of my big family.

Ladislav Protivný

What was your best ever Christmas present that you still remember?

I used to play ice hockey as a boy, so my best presents were hockey ones, such as skates, helmets, sticks, etc. I still have lovely memories of those times. One Christmas night many years ago I wore my new helmet even in bed!

What would you like for Christmas?

I have already got my biggest present this year from my son and his girlfriend. They have a newborn boy, my first grandson. His name is Michal, and he is two months old.


Ladislav Protivný

works as an electric engine driver on ŠKODA AUTO's railway siding; has been working at the Company since 1984 when he started here as an apprentice.



What is the best present you will give this year – and to whom?

I am at the stage of coming up with ideas, but I still have fairly enough time. I have to get presents for all members of my big family. The simplest task is the present for my grandson - the choice of toys is huge.