ENYAQ iV getting a software upgrade

ENYAQ <span>i</span>V getting a software upgrade

Owners of ŠKODA ENYAQ iV models will be able to make use of the new ME3 software. See what’s new and what advantages the upgrade brings.

15. 8. 2022 Škoda World

ŠKODA customers got their first look at the new ME3 software with the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV version launched earlier this year. All owners of the ENYAQ iV range will now be able to enjoy its benefits, including owners of cars that have been using the ME2 software, but the older software remains fully safe and functional, of course. 

The ME3 software is full of new stuff.

The new software brings improvements to the functions, controls and design of the infotainment system, virtual cockpit and head-up display. The navigation system has been improved, the ŠKODA Connect online services have been expanded and, last but not least, the maximum charging power has been increased, allowing charging times to be reduced. But first things first:

Faster and more powerful

Thanks to the ME3 software, DC charging for vehicles with a 62 kWh battery can have a standard charging power of up to 120 kW, and as much as 135 kW for the larger 82 kWh battery. And the capacity for the first 100 kilometres of your next journey can be topped up in just seven minutes.

Better battery care

The new battery care mode can be activated using a button on the central display. Its function is to ensure that the battery is not recharged to its maximum capacity, though that option is of course still available if required. “The new battery care mode limits the maximum recharge value to 80 per cent of the traction battery’s capacity, which has a positive effect on the battery’s lifespan and helps to conserve its maximum capacity in the long term. If the customer needs to use the battery’s full capacity in one go, for example on a longer journey, they can use the slider to select up to 100 per cent. After charging to this level, the battery care mode automatically lowers the limit back to 80 per cent,” says Jaromír Mendl from product marketing for the ENYAQ iV model range.

The new battery care mode helps conserve its maximum capacity for longer.

Improved range in winter

The new software also delivers improved thermal management of the battery. Temperature regulation is now triggered at lower temperatures than before and continuously adjusts to the optimum level in real time. As a result, the battery reaches its ideal operating temperature faster, resulting in improved range in cold winter conditions

Cruise control and Travel Assist are easier to use 

The Travel Assist control button on the top right of the multifunction steering wheel has been improved. Based on customer feedback, the function is now active whenever Adaptive Cruise Control is on – it does not need to be activated by a button. It now only serves as a switch between the Travel Assist and separate ACC cruise control functions.

Easier planning of charging stops

Route planning has also been improved to show charging options along the route, including remaining battery capacity and estimated time to replenish power. The navigation system is now better at adding alternative charging stations to the route. These can be easily searched and filtered according to various criteria – whether it should be an IONITY or Powerpass station, for example, the required charging power and so on.

Less cluttered Virtual Cockpit and Head-up

The software upgrade data features improved visualisation in the Virtual Cockpit and Head-up display. Objects around the car now look more realistic, and the battery charge level is shown in percentages in addition to the corresponding symbol. 

Personalisation, remote access and destination import

The new version of the ME3 software also affects ŠKODA Connect online services. “The ENYAQ iV is constantly online. One of the available functions is personalisation of several vehicle settings. If customers log in with their ŠKODA ID account in a car, their favourite settings preferences for various systems are transferred from other ŠKODA vehicles that support this service. In this way, for example, the settings for the electric seats, mirrors, air conditioning or assistance systems from another ENYAQ iV can be applied. The selected user profile can be protected by a code and is automatically assigned to a specific physical car key,” ŠKODA Connect specialist František Budinský explains.

The ŠKODA CONNECT online service lets you transfer your personal settings from one ŠKODA car to another.

Because the car is always online, its status or its current parking position, for example, can be monitored remotely. You can also plan a route from the comfort of your home and then send the destination to the car. The MyŠKODA app takes into account the current battery level when calculating the route. As a result, it can plan charging stations along the way in the current version of the app in cooperation with the popular ABRP (A Better Route Planner) server. Once the final destination is sent to the car, the route is recalculated on a remote server using the online Route Calculation service to ensure that the situation has not changed in the meantime.

ME3 makes journeys a lot of fun, partly thanks to the upgraded MyŠKODA app.

Remotely from now on

For vehicles equipped with ME 3 software, the next software update will in future be done remotely via the Online System Update, i.e. without the need to visit a service partner in person. All you need is an active ŠKODA Connect service.

A breakdown? Calling for help

The car’s infotainment system also has a new function for assistance calls in the event of a breakdown or if a consultation is needed. If an older model does not have the necessary ceiling buttons, for example, you can use the display to call the assistance service or the ŠKODA hotline. When the assistance service is called, the car sends its location as well as other details to help the operators solve any problem. This service is available everywhere in Europe.

How will ME3 updating take place in practice?

Local ŠKODA Partners will contact the relevant owners of an ENYAQ iV and ask them to arrange a service appointment at the workshop.