How does the assembly worker in the Kvasiny view Christmas? Read a conversation with Tomáš Maleček filled with gift ideas 

11. 12.

Since Christmas for me is not about presents, it is enough for me to spend time with my loved ones in peace and comfort.

Tomáš Maleček

Can you remember the Christmas present that made you the happiest?

Every gift made me happy in its own way, but the greatest joy was a few years ago when my mother bought me complete snowboard equipment for 12 000 CZK. At the time I was living in the Ore Mountains and I loved shredding, so it hit the mark.

What present would you like to get this year for Christmas?

Since Christmas for me is not about presents, it is enough for me to spend time with my loved ones in peace and comfort. I am a modest man, so it will be enough for me to find a PSP under the tree (pants, socks, pyjamas :-D).



 Tomáš Maleček

Tomáš has been in the company for a little less than 2 months. He has been working in the Kvasiny plant as an assembly worker for almost two months. His task is to assemble the lower CW floor covers.




Who are you going to give the best present to this year? And what will it be?

I don’t differentiate which gift is the best or most valuable, everyone has their own values. Plus I am the kind of guy who buys presents at the last minute, so I still don’t know what anybody is going to be getting from me. All I can add is that I exert the most care when choosing gifts for my parents.


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