How does the driver of machinery in hall M15 view Christmas? Read a conversation with Michal filled with gift ideas

13. 12.

The best present for me would be for our entire family to get together at one table and enjoy Christmas Eve together.

Can you remember the Christmas present that made you the happiest?

There would be a lot… I consider the birth of my daughter to be most joyful present. And the most surprising gift was bungee jumping at the Orlik Dam. Giving someone an experience is great and something you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

What present would you like to get this year for Christmas?

There would definitely be a long list, but the best present for me would be for our entire family to get together at one table and enjoy Christmas Eve together. But if Father Christmas unexpectedly decides to bring me a KODIAQ, then I wouldn’t say no.



Michal Chalupa

has been working in the company as a driver of machinery in hall M15 since 2007. His job is the delivery and preparation of materials for the pressing machines.




Who are you going to give the best present to this year? And what will it be?

I try to give everyone gifts that they need. I won’t give away the ones I got for my family, but I will admit that I fulfilled a wish elsewhere, and I hope that it will bring a lot of joy.
In the Bondy shopping centre in Mlada Boleslav there is a Tree of Fulfilled wishes, where you can buy a gift for a child from a children’s home. So this year I chose a wish and bought an MP4 for one of those children.