How does the internal security specialist for PTG view Christmas? Read a conversation with Vítězslav Nemetz filled with gift ideas

20. 12.

I don’t have any special wishes. The simple fact that my loved ones were thinking of me makes me happy.

Can you remember the Christmas present that made you the happiest?

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge football fan. And so, for me, the best Christmas present ever was a pair of Adidas football boots that my grandfather brought me from Germany when I was eight. I remember that I checked them after every practice to make sure they weren’t too scuffed up.

What present would you like to get this year for Christmas?

I think that I am a modest person and the simple fact that my loved ones were thinking of me makes me happy. So I don’t have any special wishes. If I could, I would wish for the health of all my family, but that, unfortunately, is not something money can buy.



Vítězslav Nemetz

has been working in ŠKODA AUTO for 22 years in the PTG building (company management – Pentagon). As an internal security specialist for PTG he provides protection for property and VIPs.





Who are you going to give the best present to this year? And what will it be?

The best present for the whole family will be our Christmas vacation in Zanzibar. It has become a tradition for us to go there for the Christmas holidays. I first received a trip to this destination as a gift for my fiftieth birthday. We enjoyed it so much that we are used to giving each other the gift of sunshine and well-being.

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