A Glimpse of the VISION iV’s Interior

A Glimpse of the VISION <span>i</span>V’s Interior

The all-electric ŠKODA VISION iV concept model offers a completely new interior design. The dashboard and the steering wheel are among the features that are sure to surprise. Check out the interior sketch.

20. 2. 2019 CONCEPTS

The dashboard comprises two sections, each a different height, above which the loosely positioned central display almost seems to float. The instrument panel protrudes from the dashboard, while the steering wheel features the ŠKODA name in letters rather than the carmaker’s traditional logo.

Because the car is based on the Group’s MEB modular platform for electric vehicles, it has been able to incorporate some surprising solutions. There is no traditional tunnel console, so the designers have been free to come up with a newly arranged interior.

Norbert Weber
Head of Interior Design

„VISION iV offers an amazing space inside, we focused on horizontality and lightness feelings in the complete interior. In detail you can see authentic crystalline textures, which are highlighting our connection with traditional Czech glass handcraft in original way and of course we pay special attention to innovative materials, which are completly animal-free and eco-friendly,“ says Norbert Weber, Head of Interior Design.

The VISION iV features storage space between the driver and front passenger, where a mobile phone can be set down and connected wirelessly to the car’s infotainment systems and controls. Phones can also be inductively charged here.

The shape and décor of the two-level dashboard have been inspired by the car’s fascia. A central display protrudes from the top of the dashboard, and in front of it is an area to rest the hand controlling the touchscreen. The entire interior combines functional ergonomics with everyday practicality.

The VISION iV four-door crossover-coupé is another step towards ŠKODA’s electric future. It will be taking its public bow at the Geneva Motor Show in March.