A Summer Afternoon by a Lake Inspired the Name SUNROQ

A Summer Afternoon by a Lake Inspired the Name SUNROQ

It was Marcin Kosmowski who came up with the name for ŠKODA’s latest student car – the SUNROQ. H e travelled to Prague from Poznan, a city in Poland, to check out the new convertible.

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Born in one of Poland’s largest and oldest cities, Marcin has been a loyal fan of ŠKODA cars for almost 20 years.

“If you observe the cars in the streets of Poznan, you’ll realise that I am not the only one who supports ŠKODA. This may well be because the city happens to host ŠKODA’s Polish headquarters,” says the 42-year-old Polish software engineer with a smile on his face.

What was the inspiration behind the name SUNROQ? He says it was a pleasant afternoon with family and friends by a lake – he combined the sunny weather with the name of the new ŠKODA SUV, the KAROQ, which he’s been fond of since the beginning.


Marcin himself drives a red and black ŠKODA OCTAVIA RS, which he has customised and wouldn’t swap for anything in the world. Although he knows the era of electric cars is approaching, for the time being he can’t imagine a car without the smell of gasoline and the roar of the engine. This summer, he has planned a road trip from Poland to Sardinia, and he believes that his son will also discover a passion for cars sooner or later.

Marcin Kosmowski
software engineer, fan of ŠKODA cars


You and ŠKODA – how did it all start?
The very first car I could afford was a ŠKODA FABIA with all the bells and whistles. As I was quite inventive, I changed the motor straight away. But the fact is that this car was fun and reliable, and I’ve been in love with ŠKODA ever since. These cars are affordable and easy to repair. They also have a long-standing tradition and can be customised to make you easily stand out from the crowd.


Are you fond of car tuning?
I’m not into full revamps. For me it’s all about color variations, putting emphasis on details, the lighting. I am definitely hooked on that. I think ŠKODA cars are ideal for such modifications. As my family grew, I upgraded from the FABIA to the OCTAVIA and I was thinking how to make the car different from those that I would see on the streets. I ended up buying a red car and gave it a red and black look instead. You won’t find any different accent colors on it. Every time I’m in my car, I tell myself – yes, this is precisely what I wanted.


Do you think cars can tell a lot about their owner’s personality?
Definitely. I don’t see why everyone should drive the same car. I am not an introvert, but I don’t feel the need to be the centre of attention either. The same applied to adjustments on my car. I live an active life, I am an open-minded person and it’s pleasing when people can see that right off the bat. My car gives me the chance to be distinctive.


Has this obsession of yours been ever-present?
Yes, it has. My dad, who was a soldier, should take a lot of credit for this as he would take me to military workshops. I even got the driver’s licence early, so I could start driving on the exact day I turned 18. I think I’ve really had the disposition for it since I was a child. I love all of my cars and the stories they can tell.


You have won the contest to name the latest ŠKODA student car model. Are you happy about that?
Indeed, I am. I was shocked and surprised at the same time. I believe that the name SUNROQ captures the spirit of this car down to a tee. There is this SUV essence which is linked perfectly to everything that I need to liven me up after a hard day. The sun, the beach, the kids playing… It wouldn’t be fair to say that it is just a roofless SUV. It is simply the SUNROQ.


How did you enjoy the ride?
I’ve enjoyed it very much. In fact, I wouldn’t mind hanging on to it for a while. I guess what I enjoy the most about it is the color. If I had a chance to use this shade of red on my own car, I would do so in the blink of an eye. And there I was, so sure that the color of my own car was perfect! And then there is this light interior and other small details. And it’s comfortable. The SUNROQ has been tuned to perfection. I am more than happy that I’ve had this chance to become a “godfather”.

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