ŠKODA VISION X in Motion for the First Time

ŠKODA VISION X in Motion for the First Time

No car is complete until it’s driven for the first time. It’s only when the car gets moving that all the parts fit together, and the shapes take on their true nature and dynamism.

29. 3. 2018 CONCEPTS

Even when it’s standing still, the dynamic play of light and shadows of the VISION X makes it look like a living sculpture. It’s got an athletic stance, a steep nose and distinctive shapes, but it still comes across as playful. “The ŠKODA VISION X is the youngest and smallest member of our SUV family. This makes it very compact and refreshing. Its sharp lines are taken from Bohemian crystal, which has been our great inspiration. We wanted to connect the concept with Czech art and craft, creating a car that comes right from the heart of Europe,” says Dalibor Pantůček, designer of the VISION X exterior.

Dalibor Pantůček

designer of the VISION X exterior

The hybrid crossover VISION X is based on the design language of the existing ŠKODA models, but it transmits this language into a new segment and era. It’s when this car is on the move that its precise lines and richly dimensioned 3D surfaces really stand out. The striking narrow headlights and impressive shining mask are guaranteed to catch attention in the rear-view mirror, then especially at night, the distinctly divided taillights with their new design on the traditional C-shape are unmistakable.



“In many ways, the ŠKODA VISION X picks up where the VISION E concept left off. Again, we’ve been working a lot with light and Bohemian crystal, but this time we chose sportier and more playful cuts of glass. Those typical triangular elements you find on the exterior? Now they’re in the interior as well. Most of all, the interior is spacious and open for passengers, but at the same time it boasts a sportiness that mostly comes from the distinctive seats,” says Dimitrios Darkoudis, designer of the VISION X interior.

Dimitrios Darkoudis

designer of the VISION X interion


The confident forward thrust of the VISION X is covered by its innovative hybrid drive. ŠKODA has combined a CNG combustion engine with an electric motor, creating a unique combination of low emissions with high torque that’s ready to take off with a minimum of RPM. And for getting around in the city center, there’s even a pair of electric longboards on board with practically stored helmets and other Simply Clever designs. But despite all its futuristic technologies and details, the VISION X is still a relatively faithful representation of the shape of the future ŠKODA SUV. And as you can see for yourself, even the youngest addition to the family will be unmistakable on the road.