Take a Close Look at the VISION E Concept

Take a Close Look at the VISION E Concept

No more secrets! Let us present you the new evolution of the electric concept ŠKODA VISION E. Since its world’s first premiere in Shanghai, the car has undergone some changes, which outwardly are visible mainly on the front with even more distinctive character. We invite you for a tour.

13. 9. 2017 CONCEPTS

ŠKODA has gained a reputation in the world for spacious, comfortable and practical cars equipped with numerous smart technologies. And as the VISION E concept shows, it will be even stronger in the future. The study has a length of 4,668 millimeters, almost exactly the same as the current ŠKODA OCTAVIA. However, thanks to the electric drive, VISION E can offer even wider wheelbase of 2,851 millimeters, a completely flat floor without a central tunnel and two trunks –
one at the back and the other at the front.


The impressive effect of the generous interior is augmented by the doors that open against each other and by the absence of the B post. The interior space is dominated by four separate swivel seats, which completely eliminate the difference between the rear and front passengers as we are used to now. Every passenger has its own touch monitor that can control a range of comfort and entertainment features or display car data. In addition, a compartment with a Phonebox for inductive charging of smart phones is integrated into all doors. At the same time, they serve as an interface for passengers to conveniently control their phone on the touch screen.


At the front, passengers will find large displays with top-of-the-line graphics and the infotainment systems can be controlled by gestures or voice. Eye Tracking and Driver Alert systems can detect dangerous fatigue while driving and send warnings to the driver; Heart Rate Monitor can automatically stop the car when health problems occur.

In addition, ŠKODA VISION E also allows automated level 3 control. Autopilot system automatically accelerates, steers, brakes and even avoids other cars when driving on the highway. In a city, it will find a vacant parking space and park the car automatically.

Electric motors deliver a system power of 225 kW (306 horsepower) for all four wheels. On a single charge, the range of up to 500 kilometers is impressive, so is the maximum speed of 180 km/h. The batteries of the ŠKODA VISION E study also feature inductive charging, so you don’t need to bother with connecting the car to the power mains. In short, the VISION E study represents a great leap into the digital future. And you’ll be there.


ŠKODA at IAA 2017

In addition to the VISION E concept car, which will be making its European premiere at the motor show in Frankfurt, ŠKODA also will be presenting at the IAA for the first time at any auto show the new ŠKODA KAROQ SUV. The car will be exhibited with an individually programmable digital instrument panel. Also on display in Hall 3 from 12 to 24 September will be the KODIAQ SPORTLINE and KODIAQ SCOUT models, which soon will be coming to market.

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