ŠKODA Motorsport and Its Devotion to Victory

ŠKODA Motorsport and Its Devotion to Victory

Devoted to Victory. That’s the motto of the celebrations of ŠKODA Motorsport’s World Rally Championship titles this year. What does it mean to the drivers and other important team members?

6. 12. 2019 Lifestyle MOTORSPORT

The central motto of this year’s celebrations cleverly incorporates the name of the new FABIA R5 evo rally car, which debuted at the WRC’s stages at Rally Portugal at the turn of May and June. ŠKODA Motorsport followed their existing four WRC 2 constructors’ titles in a row by claiming their fifth, jubilee title in the newly introduced WRC 2 Pro category. The team also claimed their fourth title for the crews – this time thanks to Kalle Rovanperä and Jonne Halttunen. Watch the video and you’ll understand how devoted the whole ŠKODA Motorsport team is to victory.

“For me, devotion to victory is one of the most important things that drives me forward - and if it’s shared by the whole team, winning is a much easier thing to do.”

circle_rovanperaKALLE ROVANPERÄ, ŠKODA Motorsport driver

“Without resolution and desire, no one could achieve the highest goals. The desire for victory is a man’s motivation, it can propel you and help you overcome various obstacles. Even when you hit a rough patch, that desire and resolve can put you back on your feet again.”

circle_kopeckyJAN KOPECKÝ, ŠKODA Motorsport driver

“The desire for victory is the foundation of all our efforts. If the driver – and the whole team – doesn’t go into a rally with the determination to win, his eventual victory is only a matter of circumstances and luck. Such things don’t often repeat themselves.”

circle_hortekPAVEL HORTEK, ŠKODA Motorsport team manager

“Determination to victory really pushes me further. It gives me and the team ability to overcome every obstacle and push us to the victories. And world of rally is full of different kinds of obstacles.”

circle_mommeyERIC MOMMEY, ŠKODA Motorsport Chief car engineer

“Without the desire to win and the willingness to give it more than the others, be it technically, physically or mentally, you cannot win. The desire for victory is what drives you forward and gives you the strength necessary to make it.”

circle_slamboraMIROSLAV ŠLAMBORA, ŠKODA Motorsport coordinator of rally car build and service area

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