True ŠKODA devotees share their interesting stories about some of the brand’s legendary models. Meet the ŠKODA enthusiast Václav Macháček 

When I first saw her, she was sitting under a plum tree and time was slowly tearing her apart. One day I found an old man from the village who introduced himself as the owner of the rusty lady. It took me 2000 CSK to take her home.

If it weren´t for me, she´d be rotting under a plum tree.

Václav Macháček


                             Václav Macháček



In temperatures of -15° C, my friend helped me tow her with me in it. When we got home, I was frozen to my bones but that couldn’t stop me for stripping her down to its parts and putting her back together,           step-by-step.

I learnt to become a carpenter, body worker, auto mechanic, painter and electrician. I stopped living for an entire year to bring her back to life.

At the end of that year, I finally started the engine. Hearing her hum made me feel like the king of the world. And like a king, I drove down to the Prague Castle square, where we were almost mobbed by her admirers.

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