Discover the DNA of the ŠKODA SUV Family

Discover the DNA of the ŠKODA SUV Family

Modern and timeless crystalline design is typical of all current ŠKODA vehicles, but you may be wondering whether there are any items specific exclusively to the brand’s SUV family. The answer is: yes, there are! Find out more in the article below.

10. 8. 2017 Models

SUVs (sports and utility vehicles) are products designed for family, business and spare time use, and extending the SUV portfolio is one of the key focus areas within ŠKODA’s current expansion. Vehicles in this segment feature advanced technologies and sophisticated accessories while offering ample roominess, practicality and excellent functionality.


The new SUV family of vehicles whose shapes are dramatically different from those of their predecessors were forerun by the VISION S, a concept car presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016. Seven months later, in October 2016, the brand launched series production of its first big SUV, the ŠKODA KODIAQ, and the second half of this year will see the launch of the KODIAQ’s younger, slightly smaller brother – the ŠKODA KAROQ.


Any family – whether human or automotive – should have the same DNA, and both these SUVs are typical ŠKODAs, boasting attractive crystalline shapes and C-shaped taillights. Yet the KODIAQ and KAROQ differ from the other models in many respects.


And what are the features shared by all ŠKODA SUVs?



Compared to their predecessors, the new SUVs boast robust shapes and high side lines, and their glazed part is positioned fairly low. Overall, the new vehicles look more dominant and robust on the road.

As usual, the brand placed special focus on ample interior roominess. In these vehicles this aspect is highlighted by the exterior profile - the passenger compartment has been extended and the bonnet length reduced.

Compared to the other models, the ŠKODA logo dominating the “sculptured” bonnet is bigger.



The sharp tail underscores the vehicle’s dynamic expression.

Square-shaped wheel arches are another typical feature of ŠKODA’s SUV family, and the impression of power is underlined by big wheels (up to 19”).



Compared to single ribs used in the other models, the radiator grille is made up of vertical dual ribs, is framed with a chrome-plated strip and its shape is trapezoidal, like in all ŠKODAs. The dual ribs have been used to underscore the SUVs’ power.



The expression of the 3D front is underlined by four vertically positioned lights, another typical feature of ŠKODA’s SUV family. In the new SUVs the fog lamps have been moved closer under the headlamps – as an optional extra, the fog lamps are available as a LED/Corner configuration. Located higher than in the other model lines, the fog lamps are well protected also in off-road conditions.



Like on all newly launched models, the headlamps and taillights are linked with a shoulder line on the side of the body. The fenders can be fitted with plastic protectors, a typical SUV feature.


Vertically oriented air vents are typical element of interior of the new ŠKODA’s SUV family. While in the other ŠKODA models these air vents are arranged horizontally above the infotainment screen, in the KODIAQ and KAROQ they are positioned vertically, next to this screen.



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