Down to the Very Last Bolt

Down to the Very Last Bolt

On this site, you’re accustomed to seeing beautiful new cars and how they are made. This time, ŠKODA Storyboard has something rather different to offer you. Watch as the finished article is dismantled into its individual parts.

23. 5. 2018 Models Fabia

The car in question is a ŠKODA FABIA COMBI 1.2 TSI DSG, which has been the subject of a long-term test – in this case 100,000 km – by the acclaimed German magazine Auto Bild.

The green FABIA COMBI spent two years criss-crossing Europe, driven by the magazine’s editors, reporters, photographers and others involved in the production of such a prestigious motoring periodical. The car has eaten up a lot of motorway, but also darted round the streets of Hamburg, where Auto Bild has its offices.

Drivers loved the FABIA COMBI in urban traffic and were enamoured by the test car’s green body.

More than 40 people took a spin during the test period, after which, having clocked up over 106,000 kilometres, the FABIA made its way back to Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic, where it had been made.


In Mladá Boleslav, a team of mechanics took over the car and started to disassemble it. This is the fate of every car after a long-term Auto Bild test. The bonnet vanished first, then the doors, followed by more and more parts in fairly rapid succession. See for yourselves on the time-lapse video accompanying this article.


Every part removed was carefully examined and measured by specialists from DEKRA. An inquisitive Auto Bild reporter was also on hand to observe all the car’s parts and compartments as they were exposed. The dismantled bodywork and other components were then arranged against a white backdrop for a final photograph, showing even the finest details keenly examined by the expert analysts.


Curious to know what will become of the disassembled car? This green ŠKODA FABIA COMBI will return to Germany. All parts will be donated to a vocational school, where the students will completely reassemble the vehicle. It will then be used for teaching purposes.