Driving Ambition

Driving Ambition

Small-car qualities with rugged style. The Fabia Combi joins the ScoutLine range.

9. 10. 2015 Models Fabia

It’s a ŠKODA. So it’s got a generous interior. The largest boot in its segment, actually. And did we mention its high functionality? Start-stop ignition, brake energy recovery, environmental friendliness with reduced energy consumption. We could go on, but here’s the thing. Later this year the Fabia Combi can enjoy some robust off-road aesthetics and stylish add-ons too, with its inclusion in the ScoutLine range.

Armoured with some slick protective details – reinforced front and rear wheel arches, spoilers and door sills as buffers against dreadful weather or a particularly challenging commute – the new ScoutLine addition asserts “fearlessness with just a touch of attitude,” says ŠKODA.

Fixtures are set in matt black, while the underride protection elements and exterior mirror housings have a reflex-silver finish. With a choice of wheel sizes and colours, you can opt for a Rock or Clubber design, too. Go on, express yourself.