Visit Czechia: Most Romantic Places

Visit Czechia: Most Romantic Places

Join two travellers and bloggers called Czech Vibes in discovering the most romantic places of Moravia that literally invite a Mayday kiss under a blooming cherry tree.

1. 5. 2017 Models Fabia

Although you could be fooled by the cold weather and morning frosts, the first of May is just around the corner. So this time, the girls known as Czech Vibes have thematically set off to discover the romantic places of the Czech Republic. There’s no denying Markéta and Magda’s artistic eye.

"We were attracted by the contrast between North Moravia, where winter still holds reign, and the south, where you can enjoy the typical signs of spring. That's why our route was clear."

Markéta & Magda

A paradise for lovers of nature’s blooming splendour

A bit unusual for the girls, who are mostly drawn to the wilderness, was a visit to the chateau park in Kroměříž - a hell for allergy sufferers, but a paradise for lovers of nature’s blooming splendour and spring scents. This piece of nature in the heart of the city is ideal for a walk with children. And when they stop having fun running among the perfectly trimmed hedges, it’s just a few steps to the city centre for a scoop of ice cream (or a hot chocolate).

The White Carpathians

We are heading towards the White Carpathians! Who would have thought a common beech forest can look so beautiful on photos. What’s more, when you climb a little higher, you can enjoy spectacular views of a countryside full of colourful fields and orchards.


Not everyone knows the term "Moravian Tuscany", yet it’s said to be one of the 50 most beautiful places in the world. Although there were many sites to admire, the girls felt the true spirit of romance from a small chapel hidden among the fields.

Windmill in Jalubí

Jalubí, an inconspicuous village near Uherské Hradiště, boasts a beautiful stone mill that was restored in 2008 with the selfless help of local residents. Because it’s easy to reach by car, the girls were able to visit this photogenic spot with their ŠKODA FABIA MONTE CARLO, which accompanied them on their whole adventure.

Silver Creek

And some final shots from the Rychlebské Mountains, a somewhat forgotten mountain range between Hrubý Jeseník and the Czech-Polish border, where you can for example, like Magda and Markéta, visit the waterfall on Stříbrný Potok (Silver Creek).


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