The All-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA Is an Inspiration for Artists

The All-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA Is an Inspiration for Artists

Take a look at how the all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA has inspired three top artists and fired their imagination, resulting in works of art on canvas, Plexiglas and a tablet display that they created in Italy's breathtaking Tuscan landscape.

28. 10. 2019 Models Octavia

Today’s world is governed by laws, standards, and restrictions – unless you are courageous enough to challenge the status quo and follow your own path. The path of your dreams, visions and brave ideas, a starting point for your journey in search of your own voice in the world. Because when it’s your creativity that drives you, it can take you anywhere.

Cut. Meet three creative spirits. Three rebellious individuals who, in their work, question the general approach to life and present a unique take on established art forms. Though each specialises in a slightly different field, the art they make has one thing in common – it never ceases to amaze. It manages to convey a surprisingly fresh point of view, while staying true to their specific artistic vision and avoiding stereotypes and clichés along the way.

photo: Lukas Neasi

This international team, made up of Jakub, Carlo and Maria, drove to Tuscany – a region famous for its breathtaking landscapes that often feel like a piece of art themselves, a place that inspired generations of artists before them. Yet one thing there felt a bit out of place – the car that actually brought them over here. Still camouflaged, yet already open to interpretation. The all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA. Their task was to absorb the beauty of the countryside around them and the shape of the new model and then to convey the car according to their art form of choice.

Jakub, a classically trained painter, grabbed his brushes and let the whole scenery influence his artistry. In doing so, he was following in the footsteps of classical masters, yet bringing a special take of his own to the final piece, where tradition meets novelty and old-time craftsmanship is wed to new methods of tireless exploration.

photo: Lukas Neasi

For Carlo, it was not only a different canvas, but a totally separate point of view he was about to interpret. A street artist by heart and soul, he painted on Plexiglas to capture the very essence of motion and stillness of the all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA with bold colours and an unexpected range of depth in his truly exciting piece.

photo: Lukas Neasi

Where, of the three, Jakub’s art is the most faithful to traditional painting, Maria’s style reaches for the very opposite direction. She deploys the very latest technology and crisp digital skills to catch the car at a more dramatic angle as it drives through the landscape. Her chosen technique accommodates a more abstract emotional essence, resulting in artwork that forms a vital contrast to the other two.

photo: Lukas Neasi

All three creative souls grappled with a difficult task – to capture in their art something that nobody had yet been able to see in its fullness. They had to rely on their artistic senses and be guided by intuition in order to make the unseen visible for everybody. The car inspired each of them in a different way, each drawing on their own core element, which led to the final pictures being different.

photo: Lukas Neasi

What has remained the same is their courage to step into unexplored territory and bring a piece of themselves there – and that is something you can achieve only if you stay true to yourself.

You are now free to judge for yourselves how they managed to capture the essence of the new car in the making. Then stand by for the all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA’s world premiere in Prague, on 11 November 2019.



Jakub Tytykalo (35), a Czech-born painter and graduate of Prague’s Academy of Visual Arts, studied under the famous Czech sculptor Jaroslav Róna and the painter Jiří Petrbok and honed his classical painting skills during a Madrid residency. He cites surrealism and cubism as his favourite styles and the main influences on his work.


Russian-born, Prague-based Maria Makeeva (32) studied illustration at Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. She specialises in digital illustration and, over the years, has honed her characteristic style to become one of the most distinct artists working in the world of graphic design.


Sicilian-born and bred Carlo Alberto Giardina (28) studied Communication Design at Milan’s New Academy of Fine Arts. Although his favourite field is street art, he is interested in all kinds of artistic expressions and ranks the work of Felipe Pantone, Olafur Eliasson and Keith Haring as his main sources of inspiration.