The Arrow in Flight versus OCTAVIA RS

The Arrow in Flight versus OCTAVIA RS


Catch an arrow in flight. With your bare hands. From a moving car. At a speed of 215 kilometres per hour. Impossible? A challenge for brave athletes and the fastest version of the ŠKODA OCTAVIA.

15. 8. 2018

The challenge was accepted by archer Laurence Baldauff, Markus Haas, hardened by years of martial arts training, and the ŠKODA OCTAVIA COMBI RS 245, the top-of-the-line sports version of the bestselling ŠKODA OCTAVIA, delivering 245 PS.

For the arrow shot by Olympian Laurence to end up in Markus’s closed fist, you need really precise cooperation, speed and the ability to take decisions and act in a fraction of a second. The arrow flies at a speed of 215 kilometres per hour, or 60 metres per second.

The distance between the bow and the target is 70 metres. However, as a flying arrow describes an arc, rather than remaining at the same height, the distance over which the arrow can be captured from the open window of a moving car is reduced to about 30 metres.



Success or failure, then, is a matter of millimetres and hundredths of a second. Laurence needs to keep calm and shoot the arrow at precisely the moment the car literally flies by her. Markus, in that car, then has a time-frame of about 0.5 seconds in which to catch a 68 centimetre long arrow in his hand.



Laurence Baldauff

archery, represented Austria at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016

Markus Haas

martial arts coach



completely unaltered mass-produced car

The winged arrow is very important for ŠKODA. Since 1926, it has been part of the carmaker’s logo and a symbol of its progress and march towards the future.


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