ŠKODA, Not Only Cars for Grown-Ups!

ŠKODA, Not Only Cars for Grown-Ups!

Plastic beauties with perfect curves and irresistible smile have now finally something to look forward to. ŠKODA is planning to produce a series of three cars for them.

10. 3. 2017 Models Citigo

ŠKODA has won a tender for three car models for world famous dolls. It is still quite fresh news, however the car manufacturer is already working on his first model CITIGO DOLL Light Blue. It will be equipped with several ‘Simply Clever’ solutions such as handbag holder, foldable shoe rack in the boot and a PFA (a Personal Fashion Advisor) incorporated into the SMART Link feature, which will be connected with the central mirror and navigation system. A nail polish in the same shade of Light Blue will enrich the offer of ŠKODA accessories.


The whole concept will be adjusted to meet the needs and lifestyle of a young woman who knows what she wants, has got a busy job and a lot of leisure activities as well. She needs to manage all her activities and balance her life this way. To cut the long story short – lot of work and enough time for relaxation and other activities.


Let’s take Miss Beatrix as a (fashion) model example. Very soon after graduating from law university, she got a perfect job. Well, in the first place perfectly paid job. Prestigious, you know. But it is not just about benefits. She spends long hours in the office and meeting clients. No time left to waste, sometimes she even works whole weekends. Beatrix has become an extremely busy woman and needs something to save her time. She needs a car. And here comes ŠKODA with an offer in the form of CITIGO DOLL Light Blue.




The new car is planned to be introduced in the second quarter of next year, and it will go on sale in September of the same year. Plastic beauties can indeed look forward to easier life. Other car models will appear on the market a year later. One of them is aimed to please Beatrix’s boyfriend, the last one from the series will be a family car.

Miss Beatrix’s dreams are coming true. Her new job, a new car, great functioning relationship. What else to wish for?

Happy April Fools' Day!