New ŠKODA SUPERB and the Best City in the World

New ŠKODA SUPERB and the Best City in the World

This is the city that has been proclaimed as the best place to live in the world for the tenth time in a row. It boasts beautiful historical buildings, bold new architecture, cosy coffeehouses, a mix of old times and the modern style… Do you know the city where we took the new ŠKODA SUPERB for a spin?

12. 7. 2019 Models Superb

This year, the Austrian capital of Vienna had the highest quality of living for the tenth time in a row. According to the annual survey conducted by consulting company Mercer, this city offers the best combination of everything you need for a pleasant life: a high level of education, a thriving cultural life, wealth, a good social climate, plenty of leisure activities, nature and great infrastructure.

Take a tour of Vienna from the seat of the new ŠKODA SUPERB and enjoy the ambience of the best place on Earth.

Vienna also happened to be the place where the revised ŠKODA SUPERB was first introduced “in the flesh” to the public. The car strives to be like this city – somewhere where life is great. The design combines modern features, such as high-tech LED headlights, with the classic shape of a stately sedan. The sophisticated equipment includes new predictive cruise control and intelligent LED Matrix headlights, so drivers can relax and just enjoy the comfortable ride. Generous space inside, premium interior materials and ventilated seats are a few more of the features that enhance the occupants’ quality of life.

What not to miss in Vienna

Historical centre
With so many magnificent historical landmarks in one place, you can see a lot in just a few hours. Just for starters, there’s St Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom), the vast museum district (MuseumsQuartier or MQ) with beautiful buildings and statues, the slender town hall building, the famous State Opera, the still functional and accessible Spanish Riding School (Spanische Hofreitschule), and the Karlskirche.


Vienna University of Economics campus
If you like modern design and architecture, you can find a lot of diverse, fascinatingly shaped buildings on the new campus of the Vienna University of Economics. In less than four years, a city new landmark – based on designs by world-renowned architecture studios – has arisen next to the Prater amusement park.


Prater amusement park
As Prater (or Wurstelprater) is just a couple of hundred yards from the university, we strongly recommend stopping by here, too. Its history goes back to the 18th century and it combines traditional, historical attractions with modern fun. Right next to the entrance of this large and diverse park is the Riesenrad, the oldest Ferris wheel in the world. There are also many rides for adrenalin lovers.


Hundertwasser buildings
In the 1970s and 1980s, the architect, painter and sculptor Friedensreich Hundertwasser created several famous landmarks in Vienna. The wild – even crazy – Hundertwasserhaus apartment building is a mesmerising whirlwind of colours and shapes, with vegetation both inside and out. The waste-to-energy plant in Spittelau, symbolising the symbiosis of technology, art and ecology, is just as unorthodox.


Schönbrunn Palace
The baroque Schönbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Austrian emperors, is a large, sprawling complex with numerous remarkable nooks and crannies. Besides the palace itself, with its 1,441 rooms and two hundred kitchens, this site is also home to the oldest zoo in the world, the Wagenburg horse carriage museum, a garden maze, a tropical pavilion and the largest gloriette in the world - with a great café and a stunning view of Vienna.


Belvedere Palace
The Belvedere, a spectacular palace complex, was cleverly built on a gentle hill, allowing visitors to enjoy a truly grand view of the whole site. It consists of two palaces connected by a three-level French garden. It also contains many classic artworks.


Daily life
Vienna has a lot to offer when it comes to landmarks, but don’t forget to enjoy its relaxed, day-to-day life. Take a stroll along the Danube embankment, which features a number of pleasant establishments, enjoy the famous local specialities – a Wienerschnitzel and Sacher cake, have a decent coffee and some local wine. Perhaps visit the Haus des Meeres aquarium, or wander through the back alleys, take a walk in a park, and in the evening have some fun in the city. That’s when you discover the true charm of Vienna.


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