Sprinkling Stardust on the SUPERB

Sprinkling Stardust on the SUPERB

A stylish crystal makeover for ŠKODA's classic car.

21. 10. 2015 Models Superb

This takes pimping your ride to a whole new level. Preciosa, a Czech producer of luxury crystal glass, aims to turn the Superb into “an item of jewellery to be worn on special occasions,” according to ŠKODA chief designer Jozef Kabaň. How? By finishing it off with StarDust.

Last year, ŠKODA teamed up with Preciosa to produce the new Tour De France trophies. That’s when the team came across Preciosa’s sparkling new StarDust technology. This creates a special layer of mechanically ground stones in various shapes and sizes, which refract and reflect light in a completely new way. So, when the Yellow Jersey lifted the trophy, literally thousands of crystals shimmered in the light.

Now the ŠKODA team have applied a little StarDust to their cars. First up, the Superb. Wheel rims resurfaced with the small bright crystals lend a sensational shimmer – and the logo on the front and back and steering wheel have been embedded with StarDust by hand. The Superb Black Crystal, as the glittering saloon ride has been dubbed, attracted a lot of attention and added a little dazzle to Designblok, Prague’s prestigious design and fashion event, when it was unveiled last year.