Visit Czechia: Jeseníky Mountains

Visit Czechia: Jeseníky Mountains

The amiable travelling duo known collectively as Czech Vibes will guide you through the rugged landscape of the Jeseníky Mountains. See how Markéta and Magda enjoyed their excursion to Rejvíz, Praděd, and other gorgeous destinations.

14. 4. 2017 MODELS

The amiable travellers have voyaged through a good bit of the Czech Republic in the ŠKODA Away from Home series they are preparing for ŠKODA Czech Republic. In one episode of the series, the girls explored the nooks and crannies of the Jeseníky Mountains.

At any time, they could simply park the car and trudge through dense forests with not another soul in sight – all the while encountering previously undiscovered places and unforgettable experiences. Even such a small thing as drinking from a pure natural spring can leave one feeling wholly free.


Nová Ves

Markéta and Magda took another series of photos at the moss lakes near Rejvíz, and this delighted the Instagram fans. “Nature photos are the most liked on our profile. As our post-production abilities improved with time, we also started with abstract colour modification which lets us impart to a photo a specific mood reflective of that place and of ourselves.”


When in Jeseníky, one cannot but stop at Praděd. The girls set off to its foot in a ŠKODA OCTAVIA COMBI SCOUT, but they had to walk on their own to the top. And if you have a little traveller’s luck, as do Czech Vibes, you can enjoy a magnificent view from the Czech Republic’s fifth-highest mountain in total solitude. “When you reach the peak, you forget all the problems still awaiting you down below and you try only to remember the moment at hand.”
After a test of hardiness at the Rešov waterfalls and a few final shots, it’s time to jump back into the warm car and set off homewards to the bustle of the big city.

Nízký Jeseník



Rešov waterfalls





Markéta a Magda


Czech Vibes

“It all began with a trip we took together to the Austrian Alps in September 2014. We thought it would be a shame to keep the photos just for ourselves, so we started a joint Instagram account. The positive reaction that followed only confirmed that we should continue sharing our pictures.”

As part of the ŠKODA Away from Home series, Czech Vibes also visited Bohemian Switzerland and overnighted in the very height of luxury – at a million-star hotel. In winter, they drove a white ŠKODA YETI wholly inconspicuously through the snowed-under Šumava landscape, where they lit up the most magical Christmas tree.

With a wine glass in hand, those who love Moravian wines can enjoy a virtual trip across the Pálava highlands from Pavlov along the Nové Mlýny reservoirs and to the Podyjí National Park. “We enjoyed filming the South Moravian episode probably the most of all. The weather turned out great and the mood of the ongoing grape harvest was with us throughout the entire trip.”