How does the Recruiter in Production & Sales and Marketing, STR/2 – Recruitment Centre view Christmas? Read a conversation with Petr Šimek filled with gift ideas

12. 12.

The best possible present I can think of this year is a new ŠKODA KODIAQ.

Can you remember the Christmas present that made you the happiest?

My best present was a LEGO kit I got from my grandpa for my sixth birthday (at that time I still believed it was from Father Christmas) - grandpa had spent a whole day in a queue in Prague to get it for me, but it was well worth it, the kit was the first product with lights and sounds that LEGO launched in this country.

What present would you like to get this year for Christmas?

The best possible present I can think of this year is a new ŠKODA KODIAQ, but that is really just a dream. With my feet firmly on the ground, I am to get an Apple Watch 2 from Father Christmas.



Petr Šimek

Petr has been working at ŠKODA AUTO for five years, currently as a Recruiter in Production & Sales and Marketing, STR/2 – Recruitment Centre; looks for and identifies potential candidates for jobs in these areas (both internally and externally), does interviews, recommends suitable candidates.



Who are you going to give the best present to this year? And what will it be?

I hope we will mainly please our daughter - this year she will get Bob and Bobek teddies, the two main characters from her most favourite TV cartoon programme.