How does the painter at ŠKODA AUTO view Christmas? Read a short Christmas conversation with Věra Výdová filled with gift ideas

23. 12.

I would really like to get a book named Kafe a cigárko (Coffee and Cigarette) from the blogger Marie Doležalová.

Can you remember the Christmas present that made you the happiest?

For me the most beautiful Christmas was eleven years ago when my son Samuel was born. It is hard to beat a gift like that.

What present would you like to get this year for Christmas?

I would really like to get a book named Kafe a cigárko (Coffee and Cigarette) from the blogger Marie Doležalová. They are the best entries from her unbelievably funny blog, so I am sure they will be entertaining. Last year Father Christmas forgot to  get it, so I hope this year he will remember.


Věra Výdová

has been working in the company for 21 years. Apart from 3 years in the Assembly Department, she spent all of this time in the paint shop as a painter.




Who are you going to give the best present to this year? And what will it be?

I think that the kids will find the best presents under the tree, since they both really want a mobile phone, and that’s what they’re getting.