True ŠKODA devotees share their interesting stories about some of the brand’s legendary models. Meet the ŠKODA enthusiast Jan Formánek

“In 2010 I was looking for a utility car, more specifically the ŠKODA FUN pickup addition. A few days later, I found one and brought her home. A pickup van to pick up beautiful girls.”

“The repairs started immediately but I started facing more bottlenecks than planned. I had to admit that my original idea to have a utility vehicle had to be sacrificed. Instead, the Felicia FUN promised to be exactly what its name suggested.”

jan_formanek_ret1Jan Formánek


This car has been sheer joy. In the summer, I just take a nap on the pickup bed. She draws attention wherever we go. There is one danger though. Given my hobby to drive pretty girls around in the back, quite often they receive a nasty sunburn.

I only take her out a few times a year and when the weather is nice. Though I originally wanted a workhorse, I just can’t let her, you know, get dirty.