True ŠKODA devotees share their interesting stories about some of the brand’s legendary models. Meet the ŠKODA enthusiast Miroslav Čampulka.

“She´s at home on the road and in fashion magazines. I always dreamed of this car. And that dream came true in 2002 when I was able to pick-up a partially restored model. Funnily, the owner refused to let me drive it  back home, especially in the rain. So I had to move mountains to arrange for a last-minute towing service to bring the car home 120 km later.”

miroslav_campulka_retMiroslav Čampulka


The car needed work. The engine compartment had to be painted, tuned, the brakes had to be repaired, the front axle had to be completely rebuilt and of course, the upholstery repaired.

She still looks sharp in her rosehip red. She even posed for the Cosmopolitan magazine and gave several brides a run for their money at their own weddings.

Every once in while, when the weather is nice, we go for a gentle ride. After all, it’s not a car, it’s a family jewel.