Interior: Improved infotainment equipment and additional sustainable materialsŠkoda Octavia

› New range structure: nine interior Design Selections
› More digital: new 10‑inch Digital Display fitted as standard, 13‑inch display available as an option for the first time, redesigned intuitive graphics
› More sustainable: recycled fabrics and, for the first time in the Octavia, leather treated sustainably using coffee husks and sustainable materials for the ice scraper and umbrella

Mladá Boleslav, 14 May 2024 – For the first time, the Octavia is available with a 13‑inch central infotainment display. USB-C ports offer more charging power, now providing 45 watts. The Phone Box now also features more powerful wireless charging with a power output of 15 watts and ventilation. The 15‑watt USB‑C port on the back of the interior mirror remains on offer. The nine interior Design Selections of the updated Octavia are marked by a further increase in the use of sustainable materials. Reflecting Škoda’s commitment to sustainability, the husks of the coffee cherry – otherwise a waste product – are used to sustainably tan the leather for the seats in the Suite Design Selection.

"With the revised Octavia, we are continuing our efforts to make our best-seller more sustainable. This is reflected in our use of recycled fabrics and sustainably treated leather, which will now be available in our most popular model for the first time. Furthermore, our classic Simply Clever features, the ice scraper and umbrella, are now also made from recycled materials."

Karsten Schnake, Škoda Auto Board Member for Procurement

New displays, reworked graphics and more comprehensive equipment

The updated Octavia comes with even more comprehensive standard equipment, including a free‑standing central 10-inch infotainment display and an all-new 10‑inch Digital Display to replace the analogue instrument cluster. The 10‑inch Digital Display will become available at a later date, while the upgraded 10‑inch Virtual Cockpit remains as an option. In a first for the model series, a 13‑inch central infotainment screen is available as an option. The instrument clusters and infotainment screens all feature redesigned graphics for even more intuitive ease of use.

A dual‑zone Climatronic system is standard on all models, along with a new Heaters function, due to become available at a later date. This can switch on up to four in-car heating features, including the front and rear windscreens, steering wheel and seats, at the touch of a single menu button. The interior also includes a 15‑watt Phone Box from the Selection trim level upwards, offering inductive fast‑charging of smartphones as well as a ventilating function. USB‑C ports now deliver an output of 45 watts and thus three times more charging power than before. The upgraded KESSY keyless vehicle access system now automatically unlocks or locks the vehicle as soon as the driver enters or leaves an area within 1.5 metres of the car while carrying the key.

Škoda Octavia | Infographic Interior

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New upholstery and decorative trims

The updated Škoda Octavia comes with new upholstery, trim and door panel designs. Škoda uses sustainable materials in some of the nine Design Selections, which are clustered around the four trim levels Essence, Selection, Sportline and RS. Examples include recycled fabrics in the Lodge and Sportline Design Selections and sustainably treated leather in the Suite Design Selection. It is tanned using sustainable materials, including coffee husks. The ergonomic front seats of this optional Design Selection also have an AGR (Healthy Back Campaign) seal of approval as well as a ventilation and massage function. In another first for the Octavia, Unique Dark Chrome trim elements are used in the interior and on the steering wheel, which now features the new, two-dimensional Škoda logo.

Škoda Octavia

Škoda Octavia

The husks of the coffee cherries replace chemicals for tanning the leather seats

Reflecting Škoda’s commitment to sustainability, the husks of the coffee cherry – otherwise a waste product – are used to sustainably tan the leather for the seats in the Suite Design Selection, replacing traditional chemicals. The coffee beans come from carefully selected family farms in India and Tanzania that have been awarded the Rainforest Alliance certification. Upon arrival in the Czech Republic, the coffee beans are processed at the Jablum family roasting plant in Bezděčín, Mladá Boleslav.

Infographic: Closing the loop with every cup: Škoda Auto launches sustainable ‘Curiosity Fuel’ coffee in its Czech plants

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Overview of the Design Selections

Trim level Name of interior Seats
Essence Studio Black fabric
Selection Loft Black fabric
Lodge Grey recycled fabric/black artificial leather
Lounge Black Suedia/black leather
Suite Black AGR certified ergonomic seats
Black perforated eco leather/artificial leather
Suite Cognac AGR certified ergonomic seats
Cognac perforated eco leather/artificial leather
Sportline Sportline Sports seats, recycled grey fabric/artificial leather
RS RS Fabric Black fabric
RS Suedia Black Suedia/black leather

New Simply Clever features

The revised Octavia also introduces new Simply Clever features. An optional semi-automatic retractable luggage compartment cover can be fitted to the Combi estate. This slides back when the boot is opened, ensuring easy access to the cargo area. A storage box to hold rear passengers’ bags, cups and bottles is also making its debut. The optional tablet holder on the back of the front seats is now also available for the sports seats, and the ice scraper in the fuel filler flap as well as the umbrella in the front door are now made from sustainable materials. The hand brush in the dedicated front door compartment also remains part of the available equipment.

Škoda Octavia | Infographic Simply Clever

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