True ŠKODA devotees share their interesting stories about some of the brand’s legendary models. Meet the ŠKODA enthusiast Miloslav Ohlídal

We were both born in 1940.

Miloslav Ohlídal

I bought the Rapid in the autumn of 1986. Funnily, we used our smaller ŠKODA 100 to tow it more than 200 km home. Onlookers were amused, to say the least.

It desperately needed restoration and it took me 9 years and hundreds of hours in the garage to get her in shape. What was repairable was repaired and restored. I never used new parts or replicas.

                                 Miloslav Ohlídal


The only qualm I have is that the steering wheel on the right side makes overtaking difficult. But then, with an old-timer you hardly get a chance to pass other cars anyway. About five times a year we go to old-timer gatherings, exhibitions and weddings - without any breakdowns. I already had to tow my regular vehicle a few times, but never an old-timer.

Do I ever think of selling it? I can’t. I’ve already promised it to my grandchildren.

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