True ŠKODA devotees share their interesting stories about some of the brand’s legendary models. Meet the ŠKODA enthusiast Steven Roche

“Cycling is my life. I am still as excited to get on a bike as I was when I won the Tour de France in 1987. And even though I’m no longer a professional cyclist, that feeling hasn’t dimmed one bit. I still participate in the Tour de France. On two extra wheels, though.”

steven_rochce_retSteven Roche


Even today when I visit the Tour de France, I see the passion of the riders and the fans grow from race to race. I get to follow the cyclists efforts and soak up the atmosphere from the comfort of a ŠKODA Superb team car. And that keeps me inspired.

Riding gives me energy to push myself forward. It’s in my genes. And even though these days I spend more time in my car, I hope I can pass on my love for cycling to the next generation.

My name is Steven Roche and my story began the same way as ŠKODA's - on two wheels.