2023: a year of exploration and inspiring encounters

2023: a year of exploration and inspiring encounters

Explorers of sustainability, eMobility enthusiasts, stories from the past, rally drivers and cyclists. Škoda Storyboard had lots of inspiring encounters for you in 2023. Look back on some of them with us.

21. 12. 2023 Škoda World

For these people, sustainability is not a vague aspiration, but a daily reality. They’ve chosen to live in a way that puts as little strain on the planet as possible. Meet the explorers of sustainability who are united by their love of nature, their respect for the world and life, and Škoda cars. Anna Eliasson and her colleague Alexander Westerlund from Sweden, for example, base their push for sustainability mainly on their work in design. The materials they work with in their furniture and interior designs include mycelium, recycled fishing nets and bioplastics made from seaweed.

Škoda and cycling are inseparable. This year Škoda Auto was the twentieth time Škoda has partnered with the legendary Tour de France. The keen cyclists in Škoda’s workforce are proud of this fact, and celebrated the two decades of partnership between the race and the Škoda brand in a truly unconventional way:

The issues of eMobility and energy from renewables are closely bound up with sustainability. “Nature is the most important thing we have,” says Petr Pavlík from the University of Mining and Metallurgy which is part of the Technical University of Ostrava, before going on to explain what renewables have to offer: 

“Ice man” Josef Köberl has built a strong community of like-minded people. In the following video, he reveals how cold water can improve everyone’s lives, and how his Škoda Karoq SUV helps him practise what he preaches:

In 2023 Škoda Storyboard also gave us a glimpse into several interesting details that may be taken for granted in cars but are definitely worth a closer look. What does the VIN code tell us about a car, for example? And how did the sound of the car horn evolve? Or how to start a car... Today a simple operation, but previously a tricky one:

For lovers of fast driving, Škoda Storyboard provided an opportunity in 2023 to see if they know all the models bearing the RS acronym or which models offer four-wheel drive. We tested some assistance systems, such as proactive occupant protection, first-hand. And rally drivers offered pro tips on how to drive on tarmac, gravel and snow.

What are the differences between the Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 and the mass-produced Fabia? Explore both cars. And speaking of the rally Fabia, sit back and enjoy a documentary in which former and current Škoda Motorsport drivers go through the history of several generations of the highly successful rally car