ŠKODA’s SUV Future on Stage in Switzerland

ŠKODA’s SUV Future on Stage in Switzerland

The celebrated Geneva Motor Show was the platform for ŠKODA to offer a glimpse into its SUV ambitions.

29. 2. 2016 Škoda World Design

It has already dipped into the SUV market with its compact Yeti model, but ŠKODA has more in mind for the SUV market. In March, at the Geneva Motor Show it unveiled the VisionS, which lives up to its name as a stunning (and spacious) vision of the future.

CEO Bernhard Maier called it a special day for ŠKODA, as he heralded the launch of the company’s SUV campaign – embodied by the sleek new design of the VisionS. The car, with a generous interior including three rows of seats wrapped inside its 4.7-metre length, broke onto the stage with elegance. As Maier himself described it, the car has clear, precise, striking lines and expressively designed surfaces with an exciting interplay of light and shade.

It is indeed eye-catching. High-set headlights and a distinctive radiator grille almost give the car a face – and the vehicle exudes dynamism.

The VisionS offered a rallying point at Geneva for Maier to elaborate on a quasi-manifesto for the future. He outlined the three central planks for the years ahead.

First, that mobility should become clean. The VisionS has electric motors with plug-in technology, but going into the next decade ŠKODA will offer purely electric vehicles.

Second, information is key. So that the right information is available in the right place at the right time, the VisionS will have large screen displays for the driver and each of the passengers.

Third, safety is vital. Assistance systems and app connectivity are being pioneered by ŠKODA, and there are further intelligent solutions in the pipeline.

All of which places a focus on this new market segment for ŠKODA, and on its commitment to individual mobility. So far, SUV good.