This will be Škoda Epiq. Find out more

This will be Škoda Epiq. Find out more

Škoda has unveiled a design study of a future electric car. The urban SUV crossover will be called Škoda Epiq, with the final design to be revealed next year.

15. 3. 2024 Škoda World

The Škoda Epiq will be truly versatile: 4.1 metres long, with 490 litres of luggage space and a range of up to 400 km per charge. And at around 25,000 euros, the price will be as eye-catching as the car itself.

As the study shows, the new car will feature elements of Škoda’s new design language. “Our new design language – Modern Solid – represents the next level of modernity. Smart functionality and practicality are harmoniously balanced by attractive new looks and our sustainability approach. The Škoda Epiq design study perfectly embodies all the key attributes of the new design language,” says chief designer Oliver Stefani.

The attributes of the brand’s new design language include the Tech-Deck Face, a modern reinterpretation of the traditional Škoda radiator grille. Behind the glossy black surface, it contains important electrical components such as the camera and adaptive cruise control radar. The radiator grille is surrounded by T-shaped LED daytime running lights, while below are the main headlights with Matrix LED technology and a cubist-inspired design. 

Visualisation of the Škoda Epiq design study

The body of the 4.1-metre-long design study is painted in metallic Moon White, with contrasting orange details such as the roof rails. The Modern Solid design language retains the distinctive tornado line on the sides of the car, another typical feature of Škodas. In the design study for the future electric car, this line creates a distinct visual separation between the lower body and the glazed upper body, enhancing the car’s dynamism while also emphasising its space.

Interior of the Škoda Epiq design study

The interior will also be given a new look based on the Modern Solid design language. Again there are traditional elements such as the two-spoke steering wheel, the 5.3-inch Virtual Cockpit behind it and the main 13-inch centre infotainment display, but everything is linked by simpler and sleeker lines. Of course, the strong emphasis on practicality that Škoda’s interiors are renowned for is clear to see. The open storage area, for example, offers wireless mobile phone charging. And on the subject of mobile phones, these will function as a digital key for the first time in the Škoda’s history. A number of practical Simply Clever features can be found in the luggage compartment, which offers a volume of up to 490 litres.

The design study for the future electric car also accentuates sustainability, as shown by the modern, eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable materials used, both in the car’s interior and elsewhere. In addition to its 400-kilometre range, another impressive feature of the Škoda Epiq is its support for so-called bi-directional charging (also known as bi-di), which means that electricity from the car’s battery can be used to power and charge other devices and machines – even an entire household!

One noticeable feature of the design study is the car’s glass roof.

“The coming Škoda Epiq will package a lot of car for an attractive price and a big interior with a compact size. Our customers want choices, which is why we are expanding our growing e-mobility portfolio into this popular segment. I hope these first design teasers demonstrate that the Epiq will shine because of its modern design, everyday range and user-friendly technologies – all of it affordable,” says Škoda CEO Klaus Zellmer, summing up the features of the future car.

The Škoda Epiq will be part of the brand’s electric model offensive. This year will see the launch of the Elroq compact electric SUV. In total, Škoda will introduce six new electric cars in the coming years.

First sketches of the Škoda Epiq

Epic name for an electric car

For some time now, Škoda has used a specific formula for coming up with the names of its SUVs and electric cars. Its electric cars’ names start with an E, while SUVs’ names end in a Q. In line with these rules, the Czech carmaker named its small SUV crossover Škoda Epiq. This is derived from the word “epic”, which comes from the ancient Greek “epos”, meaning word, story or poem. These days, the word’s range of meanings has expanded to include grand, magnificent and extraordinary. And that’s just the right aura for the Škoda Epiq. Versatile and adventurous, it’s the perfect guide for everyday explorers navigating the urban jungle and beyond.

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