Enyaq RS Race: an electric drive with motorsport DNA

Enyaq RS Race: an electric drive with motorsport DNA

The Škoda Motorsport workshops are right now creating a unique car. The Enyaq RS Race concept car is the result of the never-ending push for technical development on the road to sustainability. Take a look behind the scenes of its development.

2. 5. 2024 Škoda World

“Škoda Motorsport developed its first fully electric car in 2021. We have learnt a lot, but I think now is the right time to capitalise on our experience. That’s why we are creating the unique Enyaq RS Race concept, which demonstrates how we can transfer the DNA of motorsport to production cars while working towards a sustainable future,” says Michal Hrabánek, head of Škoda Motorsport.


The Enyaq RS Race will not just be a design study, it will be a fully functional car with high ambitions. “It’s not just about visual modifications. From the very beginning our work has been guided by the intention of ensuring the car is functional first and foremost,” confirms designer Daniel Petr. 

Based on the Enyaq Coupé RS, the concept will undergo a number of visual and technical changes. It will have a widened and lowered chassis, different shock absorbers and 20-inch wheels with low-profile tyres. For aerodynamic reasons, but also because of the modifications for lowering and widening, the concept will get redesigned bumpers and wider mudguards, a new rear diffuser and a large downforce wing at the back.

“Everything is functional. All the new shapes and changes have a practical purpose – the aim is to enhance the aerodynamics, increase downforce and improve the cooling of the car’s components,” says Daniel Petr.  

A safety frame will be fitted inside. Sports seats and five-point seat belts are standard. Other parts of the interior, such as the door panels and dashboard, will also undergo changes, with an emphasis on safety and new materials. “Here, too, we are exploring the sustainability path,” Daniel Petr indicates. 

Skoda-Motorsport-Designer-_60_kolo_2601b1ceDaniel Petr

Some parts of the interior will disappear to lighten it up. The Enyaq RS Race will have only two seats just like racing cars, and the individual panel parts will be lightened or replaced with new ones made of composite materials. The powertrain will also undergo some modifications, but the engines and batteries used will be taken from the production Enyaq Coupé RS.

“The car looks great, and I can’t wait till we can show off the finished article. It will feature lots of interesting elements that can be used in production cars. And that’s the way it should be, because motorsport shouldn’t only be for our entertainment – it should help push the technical boundaries and inspire us,” Michal Hrabánek concludes.

Michal_Hrabanek_ebcbd73aMichal Hrabánek
head of Škoda Motorsport

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