Car Phones with a Difference

22. 2. 2016

Stop thinking that phone connectivity and your car is all about hands-free calls. Smartphones are way smarter than that, and the cars of the future – or, really, today – are ready to talk to each other for your benefit.

ŠKODA's SmartGate and Smartlink systems, which let you make use of your favourite apps while driving, prove that connectivity for your car is already here. The new technologies allow you to control your phone from the dashboard, as well as feeding you with useful information and data to improve your driving experience.

Now the tech is getting a step ahead to be super helpful. Here's an example: Imagine you get into your car and, as you start setting the navigation, the phone asks whether you are going to the airport, then an "affiliate" application informs you of weather conditions at your destination. It is smart linking for your benefit. Now, think about how your car could communicate with other cars. Not just for a chat, but to help city traffic flow more freely. Or, if you have an accident, a prudent call from your car to the emergency services might just save your life.