How 3-D Is Your Car?

How 3-D Is Your Car?

Obviously, your ŠKODA is in no way two-dimensional. But how much of it is – or will be – dependent on the fast-emerging technology of 3-D printing?

5. 3. 2016 Škoda World Innovation & technology Technology

It’s already the case that many components in a ŠKODA chassis have been prototyped on 3-D printers. The technology has distinct advantages during development. Small modifications to a part can be explored with low-cost implications. Elements can even be designed on the other side of the world and “emailed” thousands of kilometres to wherever the part is to be printed out.

“The Technological Development Division has been using 3-D printing since the beginning of this millennium,” says Jan Novák, Head of TZV – Prototype Construction. “These days, we can‘t imagine not having this technology in place. We plan to build a new competence centre for these technologies in the near future.” So, it’s all taking shape.

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