My Machine: Ultrasonic Testing of Welds

My Machine: Ultrasonic Testing of Welds


We all know ultrasound as a way of exploring the human body in detail. Believe it or not, it also plays an indispensable role in the production of cars.

17. 8. 2018

The ultrasound can be used to examine the quality of weld points, of which there are up to five and a half thousand in each body. “The principle at play here is that high-frequency acoustic waves pass through material, in our case a weld point. The waves are typically reflected from the endpoint of the material, but if they encounter a defect they are reflected earlier,” says Petr Hájek, the coordinator at the Kvasiny plant’s welding shop, as he explains the principle behind the ultrasonic testing of welds. ŠKODA KAROQs, KODIAQs and SUPERBs roll off the production lines here.

Check out the video to see ultrasound testing in action: