Klaus drives: on the ice with a rally champion

Klaus drives: on the ice with a rally champion

This time, Klaus Zellmer, Škoda chairman of the board, tested two four-wheel drive SUVs on a frozen lake.

6. 3. 2023 Škoda World

Škoda CEO Klaus Zellmer decided to test out the Škoda Enyaq RS iV and Kodiaq RS on the ice and snow of northern Sweden. When exploring the qualities of these Škoda 4x4s he was accompanied and mentored by rally champion Emil Lindholm.


On a frozen lake in Sweden, Klaus Zellmer begins his lesson behind the wheel of the Enyaq RS iV with some neat drifting, a technique the car’s low centre of gravity is ideal for. Zellmer appreciates the effective handling that comes from having an electric motor on each axle, while Emil Lindholm gives him tips on how to master driving on ice. 

Klaus Zellmer behind the wheel of the Škoda Enyaq RS iV

After that the pair switch to the Kodiaq RS SUV. This car offers a surprisingly fun driving experience, thanks to its inter-axle clutch and modes for driving in the snow and off tarmacked roads. We’re left in no doubt about the Kodiaq’s versatility, as it can not only deal with a variety of surfaces but even tow a trailer weighing up to 2,500 kilograms. No wonder it’s Skoda's best-selling all-wheel drive car.

Finally, when Klaus Zellmer needs to get to the airport at the end of the day, there’s another Škoda all-wheel drive vehicle waiting for him.