MONTE CARLO in Monte Carlo

MONTE CARLO in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo versions of ŠKODA cars drove through the city that gave them their name. As well as contemporary models, one rally legend was part of the procession.

11. 7. 2022 Škoda World

The main star of the press event in the streets of the Principality of Monaco was the new FABIA MONTE CARLO, but it was impressively seconded by the KAMIQ MONTE CARLO and the SCALA MONTE CARLO.

It’s no coincidence that ŠKODA chose the name of the famous territory on the Côte d’Azur for the sporty versions of some of its models. It originates from the ŠKODA car company’s roots and successes in the legendary Monte Carlo Rally.

Take a 360° look around the interior of a Škoda 130 RS:

That is why one of the featured cars was the ŠKODA 130 RS, which took the top two places in its category at the famous rally in 1977.

*Monte Carlo is a registered trademark of Monaco Brands.