The Best of Storyboard – Exploration in 2017

The Best of Storyboard – Exploration in 2017

Life is incredibly rich, and there are infinite opportunities to explore, discover, and learn new things. ŠKODA Storyboard likes to expand your horizons and offers you a peek into many different worlds, each worth getting to know at least a little. Again in 2017, it brought plenty of interesting and varied reading.

18. 12. 2017 Škoda World

Welcome to this second part of bringing together the best reading that appeared on the pages of ŠKODA Storyboard this year. This time, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the most fascinating things of 2017. This article presents the most appealing of these at your fingertips!


Storyboard stripped KODIAQ of its skin to show you in a vivid and unique way how complex and sophisticated is the structure of a modern car, asked in ŠKODA’s expert departments what materials it is made of (everything you wanted to know about aluminium, leather, and paint but were afraid to ask), determined how demanding are the preparations before the start of serial production (the starting pistol goes off 48 months before the beginning of production, setting off a sprint combined with hurdling over obstacles the size of Sněžka Mountain), and visited the International Motor Show Frankfurt to record how ŠKODA vehicles enjoy their well-deserved praise on stage in front of throngs of spectators.


If you didn’t make it to Frankfurt, you have an excellent opportunity now to make this right.

With Storyboard, you could cheer at the world hockey championship, which ŠKODA has been supporting for a quarter century. What’s more, we didn’t hold back from imagining (while setting all seriousness aside) how it might be if in place of the Tour de France there would be another celebrated cycling race, such as the Tour of England, Tour po Polsce, or Der Radfahrtourwettbewerb Deutschlands.

10 tipů pro cestování se zvířaty

In addition, Storyboard brought a very practical set of guidelines for safely transporting your pet (be it a hamster or a bear), 1000 bidons (if perchance you wanted to become the supplier for a professional cycling team), and 20 rugby players (“Sure, honey, we can give your girlfriends a ride, too.”). Practical information we all can use from time to time, right?

On this trip full of discoveries, we also made a stop in the world of automotive sport where speed is real art that can be hung in a gallery and the pilots are real masters at the wheel who know no fear (in contrast to the poor innocent journalist attempting to interview the racing legends Václav Blahna and Jan Kopecký). Would you have the courage to sit with them in their racing special?

Umění rychlosti

And during those long winter nights, when you look out through frosty windows at the streets covered in snow, dreaming of a summer vacation, you can go ahead and start planning ahead with the tourism series on the most appealing European destinations.

Autem po Evropě