A drive through 125 years of history at the ŠKODA Museum

A drive through 125 years of history at the ŠKODA Museum

The exposition entitled FROM HERITAGE TO FUTURE at the ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav will take you on a journey through 125 years of the Czech carmaker’s history. It shows how ŠKODA became a world-famous carmaker and lets you admire the first-ever Czech sports car.

23. 9. 2020 125 let Škode

As well as the permanent exposition showcasing ŠKODA cars, including the first car made by LAURIN & KLEMENT, the VOITURETTE A, now the ŠKODA Museum is giving you the chance to take an even more detailed look at the brand’s 125 years of history.


FROM HERITAGE TO FUTURE focuses on various contexts, details and points of interest linked to the carmaker’s rich history. “As soon as you enter the museum, you are welcomed by the wonderful design contrast of the unusual Gold Study, an object that is somewhere between a sketch and a model car, and the ŠKODA POPULAR MONTE CARLO, which the museum only puts on display on special occasions,” says Andrea Frydlová, head of the ŠKODA Museum.

The exposition follows a timeline mapping milestones from the company’s history. As well as that, the exposition introduces us to prominent individuals, the 120-year history of the production of tools in Mladá Boleslav and motor sport success. “I would like to mention the white LAURIN & KLEMENT BSC, the first sports automobile from 1908 made in the territory of today’s Czech Republic,” says Andrea Frydlová, focusing on one of the exposition’s main attractions.

Visitors to the exposition will also get to see a vision of the future and the development of mobility and digital services. The exposition will run until 10 January 2021. Before setting out for Mladá Boleslav, take a look at what’s new at the ŠKODA Museum, so you can find out what’s on.

Time Machine

One way that ŠKODA is celebrating 125 years of history is a virtual reality game called Time Machine. At the ŠKODA Museum, Time Machine lets you get behind the wheel of cars like the VOITURETTE A, TUDOR or FAVORIT, so you can literally go on a journey through the company’s history.

The game makes use of a wireless virtual reality headset and a wireless steering wheel as a controller that gives players feedback while driving. It is made by 3D printing. Every drive takes place in period settings, including details like giant components of the given car model, and period music enhances the atmosphere.

Time Machine can currently only be played by visitors to the exhibition marking ŠKODA’s 125 years of history at the company museum in Mladá Boleslav. The company is planning to make it available to fans through its dealers, however.