Quiz: Test your knowledge of ŠKODA history

Quiz: Test your knowledge of ŠKODA history

This year we are celebrating 125 years since ŠKODA was founded. It’s an ideal time to have a competition at home to see who knows most about the Czech carmaker’s history.

14. 4. 2020 125 years Škoda

What started as a modest bicycle repairs workshop is now a global carmaker operating in over 100 national markets. It is currently transforming itself into a provider of comprehensive personal mobility products and services. But do you know how its range of products and its manufacturing facilities have changed? Or which models were most popular and which individuals contributed to its success?

The ten questions are multiple-choice, with only one correct answer. And if you’ve paid attention to ŠKODA Storyboard’s articles about this year’s anniversary, you won't have any trouble picking the right answer.

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In the run-up to Christmas 1895 two keen cyclists, Václav Laurin and Václav Klement, got together. Laurin was a trained mechanic. Klement was a visionary with a head for business – but what was his original profession?

Václav Klement
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The company was able to take a giant step forwards in 1925 when it joined forces with a strong strategic partner, the Škoda machine engineering and armaments firm. The carmaker also got a new logo – what does the winged arrow logo symbolise?

Logo of ŠKODA
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Interwar Škoda cars were available in a wide range of bodies. Today the words limousine and sedan mean much the same, but do you know what a limousine had that a sedan didn’t?

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In 1964, the Škoda 1000 MB became the Czech carmaker’s first model with a monocoque body. What does that mean?

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How many victories did Norwegian racing driver John Haugland notch up for Škoda in his career (1967-1990) and in what motorsport discipline?

Norwegian racing driver John Haugland
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ŠKODA used the FAVORIT name in the years 1987-1994 but also in 1936-1941. Which current model shares the same name as an interwar model?

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ŠKODA became part of Volkswagen in 1991, but do you know how many car brands were already part of the concern at the time?

Year 1991
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How many years passed between the premieres of the first Laurin & Klement E “Křižík” hybrid model and the ŠKODA SUPERB iV plug-in hybrid?

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The name ENYAQ given to the first ŠKODA electric car built on the fully electric MEB platform comes from which foreign word?

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The ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab creative unit is playing a key role in the Czech carmaker’s digital transformation. Do you know which countries it currently operates in?

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