Brand Group CORE (BGC)

Brand Group CORE (BGC)

Škoda Auto and its sister volume brands within the Volkswagen Group joined forced and are bundling competencies and synergies under the roof of the brand group CORE (BGC). With more than half of the Volkswagen Group's vehicle sales and over 200,000 employees from five brands, the organisational merger BGC is a strong team offering great opportunities.

Within the Volkswagen Group, Škoda along with its sister brands Volkswagen, SEAT/CUPRA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are working closely together to achieve joint growth - and to significantly increase the overall efficiency of the five brands.

This is made possible by the consistent realisation of existing synergy potential and economies of scale in the automotive industry, which achieve cross-brand cost advantages. In terms of content, the focus of the cooperation is on six jointly agreed core fields of action, the so-called CORE drivers. These include the strengthening of e-mobility as a technology, the harmonisation of cross-brand sales performance, the general reduction of vehicle complexity, a significant acceleration of the development speed of new models, the optimisation of manufacturing and distribution costs, and the strengthening of cooperation in the sense of a common culture.

The declared goal of the BGC is to offer cutting-edge technology at competitive prices. In this way, mobility is made accessible, attractive and affordable for customers worldwide. In doing so, it is important to present a strong and differentiated brand network to the outside world - and at the same time to act efficiently, coordinated and jointly in internal relations.

There are already prime examples of a successful collaboration within the BGC. For example, Škoda was tasked with the responsibility of developing and producing the Superb as well as the Passat family in cooperation with the Volkswagen brand. Over the entire term of the project an efficiency advantage of more than 600 million euros will be achieved. A great example for 'One Team' with strong brands.

The BGC thrives on cooperation and pursues a clear strategy. It benefits from the individual strengths, experience and knowledge of the employees in the individual brands - who in turn bring them to the brand group. Competencies are pooled, solutions to problems are developed together - and thus the performance of the Volkswagen Group as a whole is improved.

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