Minutes from car production: bodywork painting

Minutes from car production: bodywork painting

Come and see how Škoda cars are manufactured, step by step. This time our camera is in the paint shop, where the bodywork of a Škoda Kodiaq is given a colourful coat. Take a look!

27. 2. 2024 Škoda World

The first process in the paint shop is bodywork degreasing. Once that’s done, the bodywork receives its first anti-corrosion layer in the bath. The painting process proper has several stages. First, painting robots apply the base coat, known as primer, followed by a coat of colour paint after it has dried and been checked. This is the moment shown in the video – in this particular case the body will have the BronxGoldMetallic paint applied over the dark primer.

The final coat (after the previous coats have dried again) is a clear lacquer, which gives shine and protects the bodywork from minor scratches. The bodywork then heads into the final drying process, which gives the paint the necessary hardness.

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